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Traveling to Alaska this season? While "The Last Frontier" offers a wide variety in outdoor adventures and sightseeing, Homer Alaska fishing is definitely a thrilling adventure you'll want to add to your list! From being the Halibut Capital of the world, to fishing salmon, rockfish and lingcod, Homer has it all. Check out the scoop on booking your next Homer Alaska fishing charter below!

Homer Alaska Fishing | Halibut Charters

Fishing for halibut is unlike any other experience and there's no better place to do it than right here in Homer! Prior to booking your Homer Alaska fishing charter, you're going to want to dig into some details and make sure you go over the following:

Reviews Matter

Knowing who you're chartering with can be summed up with reading reviews. Check out TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google to see what past customers have to say. Always know there are those you just can't please, but read all the good and bad (if any) and get a good feel prior to making calls or booking online.

The Boat + Equipment Matter

You'll find in this industry those who value quality and those who make it by another year. It's okay to ask about the boat you'll be on and about the equipment they use to charter. Charter operations that value this will stand out from the beginning! They have pride in their boat, crew, equipment, and overall operation.

Sea Sickness Issues- Better Safe Than Sorry

Whether you're on a larger boat or a 6-passenger boat, sea sickness can happen to anyone! It's best to note that the chances of getting sea sick are lessened when you charter on larger vessels, however if you are prone to it knowingly, we recommend the following:

Treat yourself with a sea sickness remedy of choice the night BEFORE and the morning of! Most medicines take time to get into your system and treating the night before and again in the am works like a charm for the majority. Note- as always, make sure you consult with your physician prior to performing any treatment for sea sickness!

Fishing Is Fishing

One question we get all the time is what size halibut should I expect to catch. While this is not a bad question to ask, it's a hard question for charter companies to answer. Mainly due to the fact that fishing is simply fishing and catch cannot be guaranteed. One thing you can do as a potential guest is review social media accounts for the charters you're looking to book. This will give you a good idea of what they have been catching lately. As a rule of thumb, the average halibut in Alaska, on a good tide, is 20-40 lbs.

Tides Matter

One fact most tourists do not know is that Halibut are actually migratory fish and follow tide cycles. That is why you'll hear " we fish the tides for Halibut" and why it's okay to ask about the tides when booking. Historically speaking, smaller tides bring in smaller fish, while the bigger tides allow larger fish to flow through. This isn't 100%, but a good rule of thumb. In fact, we've had some of the best fishing days on the smaller tides and that just proves how fishing goes! It's always good to ask so you have a realistic expectation going into your fishing day.

Now that you have a few tips under your belt, make sure you research and call around. Not every charter will be a fit for you and your family. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know the company you are going out with. Besides, aside from catching fish, you're also there to make memories and have an epic experience!

Cheers to your venture on choosing your next Homer Alaska fishing charter!

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